Ashes Scattering / Burial at Sea

 “So they may travel with the CURRENTS OF THE WORLD UNTIL THE END OF TIME.”

Are you searching for a caring, peaceful and affordable way of saying good-bye to your loved ones?
  Was the lake a special place and does it hold fond memories?
North Coast Boat Tours is proud and privileged to offer families a private, memorable experience for those choosing Lake Erie as their or their loved one’s final resting place.
All details and arrangements are personalized by and for you and your family with the assistance of the captain. 


Burial At Sea options:

Captain’s Service -Unattended Committal to Lake Erie – $149
Often families cannot venture out on the water or attend a ashes scattering memorial service due to distance and/or time constraints. We provide a respectful, dignified lake scattering in the local offshore waters of Lake Erie from Port Clinton, Ohio. We will provide flowers, an absolute confirmation via photograph and a burial certificate which will list the date, time and GPS location coordinates. The family does not attend this placement. Ashes can be delivered personally or shipped to North Coast Boat Tours. This option DOES REQUIRE that the cremains be interred in a floating, biodegradable urn of your choice. Please see pillow examples below.





Family Memorial Service –  $269 (for up to 4-6 attendees dependent upon 1000 lb weight limit) 
We provide for a private charter of the vessel to take up to four attendees, possibly 6, (1000 lb weight limit strictly enforced) out for the memorial service in the local offshore waters of Lake Erie. A burial certificate, suitable for framing, that will list the date, time and GPS location coordinates is included. (If there is a special location that is desired, additional cost may be incurred.)

Biodegradable Water Placement Urns are HIGHLY recommended; a beautiful addition to your service. These beautiful “pillow” type urns come in a variety of styles. They allow for an easier interment and a few moments for memorials & remembrances before commitment to the waters.





Please check with your local funeral home or a recommended website is


           Peaceful Pillows

Journey Earthurn
Biodegradable Bags are EPA required