Can we just “walk-on” this tour boat or do we need an appointment?
  North Coast Boat Tours is a private charter by appointment only. All trips will require at least 24 hours advance appointment.  Office call hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please know that if you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why do you charge more than the area ferry services?

North Coast Boat Tours is not a ferry service that ferries you with hundreds of other people. We offer something that ferries CANNOT offer; a totally private, custom excursion that will take you where you want to go when you want to go there. Think of us as your “Lake Limo”. It can be an hour boat ride, or a whole day adventure!  If you want to just relax with a sunset, see  the sights, grab lunch/dinner on island, you can do it all!  

How many passengers can you accommodate?
Due to Coast Guard licensing and weight limits, we can take only up to 4  passengers or possibly 6 for Burials at Sea, with a total weight of 1000 lb.

Do tours run after dark?   
  Our tour operation hours only run until dusk (Plenty of time to catch a great sunset!) We do not run tours past dark for obvious safety reasons.

 What should we bring along?

It is always a good idea to bring along a lightweight jacket. Remember your sunscreen and sunglasses.  Please wear flat shoes; light colored and non-marking soles. We do not have infant/baby life jackets. You will need to supply your own. We do have life jackets for children age 3 on up.
 If you would like any snacks or drinks,  you are welcome to bring your cooler or you are welcome to use ours. Please let us know in advance so we can have ice. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted if ALL passengers are 21 and have proof of age. Please drink responsibly.

Is smoking allowed?        

Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited on or around the boat. 

Are pets allowed?    

We are sorry but we cannot accommodate pets.

Are there more tour suggestions or more detailed  information about “Burials at Sea”?
All of North Coast Boat Tours excursions are custom and personalized. The only destination(s) and schedule is yours. So please don’t hesitate to mention what you want/need and Captain Sue will help you plan the perfect excursion with all the details.
Who is responsible for any damage?        
Damage to the boat caused by any passenger negligence or non-compliance is the responsibility of the person who paid and chartered the boat. Accidents do happen….so this will be left up to the captain’s discretion.

Can we be picked up somewhere else besides departing from our home port?         
This is very possible depending on location. However, the hourly rate does begin when the boat leaves its home port of Catawba Island and then also to return to port.

  i.e– traveling to Put-in-Bay for a pick up would add 2 extra hours onto your trip in order for the boat to get there and return to our home port.)