North Coast Memorial Charters 

Formerly North Coast Boat Tours


Hours of Operation:

North Coast Memorial Charters season begins May 22 by appointment only.

May 22 to June 5 -- Call for hours

June 6 to Aug. 26 --   8:00 am to Dusk  

Aug. 27 to Sept 18. --   weekends only/9:00 am to Dusk 

Not available Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day

A Venmo deposit of $50 is required to secure reservation and hold time/date. Cash balance is due upon arrival.

Charterer will forfeit 50% of deposit if cancelling with less than 7 days to scheduled trip. This is unfortunate, but necessary to cover our costs.

Full deposit is lost if charterer cancels 24 hours or less prior to scheduled trip.

Refunds may be given, or date changes may be made due to inclement weather or mechanical problems.

 (Any other reason is up to Captain's discretion) 

CASH Balance due before commencement of trip.

Prices/Terms listed on this website are subject to change without notice.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is cash the only accepted payment for the balance?

Cash is requested as this allows us to keep prices at a reasonable level as we do not have to pass the cost of credit card processing fees on to the customer/charterer.

Is Scattering of ashes legal in Lake Erie?

It is legal to scatter ashes in Lake Erie if the proper guidelines are followed. All Ohio EPA regional and U.S. federal laws are followed by North Coast Memorial Charters.

How are the ashes/cremains scattered?

The cremated remains will be placed in a biodegradable/floating urn specifically designed for this type of scattering. This is supplied by the family (contact your local funeral home or contact North Coast Memorial Charters for information) This urn floats for a few minutes giving the family time to take pictures or video, scatter flower petals on the water and hold a short service of their choosing.

How many passengers can you accommodate?

Due to factors such as Coast Guard licensing and weight limits, we may take only 4-5 paying passengers dependent upon total weight.

(up to 1000 lbs total)

What should we wear?

Whatever clothing you are comfortable in and is appropriate for boating and the weather. It is always a good idea to bring along a lightweight jacket. Please wear flat shoes with light colored and non-marking soles. 

Is smoking allowed? 

Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited on or around the boat.  

Who is responsible for any damage?

Damage to the boat caused by any passenger negligence or non-compliance is the responsibility of the person who paid and chartered the boat. Accidents do this will be left up to the captain's discretion. 

Can we choose the area to perform the ashes scattering?

This may be possible depending on location. The EPA has restrictions that limit how close we can be to land. If the area is further than the normal locations, there may be an additional fee to cover the time and fuel costs.